Big Dino Facts

Quick Facts

  • 86 ft (25 meters) tallWLD aerial0002
  • 106 stairs to climb to the top
  • 12 People can fit in the mouth at a time
  • 4.5 times bigger than a real T-Rex
  • 151 feet (meters) long
  • 65 tonnes (145,000 lbs) in weight
  • She's a female, her name is....
  • She cost $1,065,000.00 to build

Building the Dinosaur

The World’s Largest Dinosaur is a unique groundbreaking project.  As may be expected, an undertaking of this magnitude required the coordinated efforts of many different organizations.  The primary organization contracted to oversee the design and construction of the project was Amusement Leisure Equipment Ltd. located in Calgary, Alberta.  However, associated companies produced many of the components.  Three Star Steel, also located in Calgary, produced the underlying steel structure that provides the strength for the dinosaur. The skin components (the fiberglass molding and painting) came from as far away as China and the Phillipines.  As such, the World’s Largest Dinosaur may be seen as a project with a truly global perspective.  It shows what can be accomplished with cooperation across borders.

WLD aerial0007The World’s Largest Dinosaur project evolved through three years of planning.  After the initial planning process was complete, DRCDT voted to proceed with the project in June of 1999.  From this point on, the actual construction required almost exactly a year, beginning with the Sod Turning Ceremonies on October 2, 1999 and culminating with the Sneak – A – Peek on October 6, 2000.  The final touch was added with the Grand Opening festivities on October 13, 2001. 

Generally speaking, the production of the World’s Largest Dinosaur may be thought to fall into two main stages - the design and production stage, and the actual site work. Each of these two stages also consisted of smaller, independently coordinated activities and timetables, many of which overlapped each other and many of which had to be completed in conjunction with one another in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the overall project.
The overall design and production of the component parts was scheduled to begin on July 26, 1999 and to be completed by April 10, 2000.  The actual site work and assembly of the individual pieces of the dinosaur were scheduled to begin on October 11, 1999 and to be completed by July 7, 2000.  Although the dinosaur was completed slightly behind its allotted time frame and did not officially open until October 13, 2000, the complexity and uniqueness of the venture certainly justified any extra time that was required to work the project to perfection.

The actual design stage required both the creation of a coherent model of the finished product and the creation of the engineering plans. Below are pictures showing samples of both the structural diagram and the final model that were created to help visualize both the scope and the mechanics of building the World’s Largest Dinosaur.